BIO230G: General Ecology

ENVS250C: Agroecology

NATR299G: Current Issues in Conservation and Environmental Awareness

Teaching Fellowships

University of Tennessee
Lab Instructor 4 sections EEB 250: Ecology 2013
Lab Instructor 4 sections EEB 130: Biology 2009


University of New Hampshire
NR 795 Soil Fertility 2016
University of Tennessee “Kids U”
“Fungus Among Us” grades 6-9 2011 & 2012

Guest Lectures

University of New Hampshire
NR 861 Environmental Soil Chemistry 2016
University of Tennessee
EEB490: Global Change 2012
EEB250: Ecology 2011 & 2013

Teaching Assistant

Hampshire College
NS 268: Ecology of New England Old Growth Forests 2006


Directed undergraduate research:

Matthew Floyd’s summer internship research project “Wood- inhabiting arthropods respond to warming differently at two sites”

Mentored undergraduate Students: Matthew Floyd, Stephanie Jensen, Danny Lusk, Lauren Breza, Heather Tran, and Sarah Wood at UT Anthony Guidice, Richard Shepardson, Myrilla Hartkopf, and Taylor Field at UNH

Mentored High School Students’ projects:

Lauren Legget & Brittany Lucas “Isolation and amplification of Acidobacteria from soils in a multifactor Climate Change Experiment”

Sarah Kortebein “Will Climate Change Impact Bacterial Communities?” at Oak Ridge National Laboratory